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This Is the Cause the Baby Continues to Ask for Breastfeeding

Little One constantly asking for suckling? If so, chances are he is experiencing cluster feeding. Come on, Mother, know what are the causes of cluster feeding and how to deal with it. Cluster feeding is a condition when the baby wants to continue breastfeeding, but in a short time. This is quite normal, especially if a newborn baby. So, you don't need to worry. Possible Causes of Babies Continuing to Ask for Breastfeeding When a newborn is born, a baby will usually suckle every 1.5-3 hours. As the baby's age increases, the frequency of breastfeeding can increase to once every 2-3 hours. Now, when experiencing cluster feeding, babies can ask for breastfeeding every hour. Until now, experts have not yet found out the exact cause of cluster feeding. However, it is believed that cluster feeding is the baby's way to: Increase daily calorie intake and prevent hunger at night. That is why cluster feeding is more common in the afternoon. Tells that he is uncomfortable, for
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Baby Has Anemia, This Is the Cause and How to Deal With It

Not only adults, babies can also experience anemia, you know. This condition must not be allowed because it can inhibit the growth and development. Then, how to know that the baby has anemia, what causes it, and what is the treatment like? Check out the following explanation. Anemia is a condition where the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells are below the normal range. The same understanding also applies to anemia in infants. One type of anemia most often experienced by infants is anemia due to iron deficiency. Some of the symptoms that can occur when anemic baby is pale skin, the baby looks listless and lackluster, decreased appetite, and growth and development slowed. The Main Causes of Anemia in Infants Anemia in babies cannot be considered trivial. If not treated immediately, anemia can interfere with the growth and development of the baby. There are several mechanisms that cause anemia in infants, namely: Red blood cell production is lacking Most babies develop anemi

Disposable Baby Diapers VS Cloth Diapers

The presence of a baby is a gift for parents, but it can also make parents confused, especially for the first time having children. One that is often experienced is confusion in choosing a good baby diaper. Parents will always want the best for the baby, from head to toe. Baby care products and baby gear such as clothing and shoes are as well selected as possible. No exception for baby diapers that come in direct contact with your baby's skin. Choosing a good baby diaper can be a complicated problem for parents. Baby diapers are now not only made of cloth, but there are also disposable diapers that can be discarded immediately. Parents may be confused whether it is better to choose cloth diapers that must be washed every time they are dirty, but safe for baby's skin, or disposable baby diapers which, although practical, can cause rashes. Cloth Diapers Advantages Cloth diapers are now available in a variety of attractive designs and colors. Even now there are cloth diape